i'm on the other side of the state

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POSTED BY lurking belwether ON 1st August, 2020 AT 00:23:58

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so they dont think we'll get that we'll get much rain from it last i heard. but those projections change. a few days ago the closest model said it would hit about 3 states away. then it was going to maybe go through the middle of the state. now its on the right side. but its not too strong. the ones that tend to threaten my area are usually around the end of august- mid sept.

yep you are starting to get to the parts of twin peaks where it starts getting weirder and takes some unpacking.

while weird twin peaks the original series was somewhat straight forward but the last episode/ fire walk with me/ limited event series is where it gets weirder and is more abstract.

its good you got through the rough patch of season 2 before windom earle became the main storyline. i think thats where i stopped watching the first time. (nadine's mental issues, james's adventure fixing cars, the orphan kid, civil war stuff, the mayor's wedding, the pine weasels , etc.)

i think the last episode of season 2 is one of the best episodes of the series. its directed by lynch and its amazing it got on tv back then.

it will be interesting to see what you think of fire walk with me and the limited series (what you are calling season 3) . my advice is to just enjoy it and take it all in.

season 3 is more like an 18 hour episode and has a different feel and is not quite the same as the other 2 seasons. you may become very frustrated with it. It was not what i expected it to be like. but its also very funny and interesting . maybe part of it is to have those expectations subverted.

When i got done watching an episode i would watch this series of commentary/speculation afterwards on youtube which i enjoyed and added to the experience of watching it as they speculate what might happen next week and point out things. this is the one for after the first 2 episodes which were played together
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNvlLNQ4UXU ). theres one by them for the whole limited series

but you have to finish season 2 and fire walk with me first.