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POSTED BY lurking belwether ON 1st August, 2020 AT 05:47:28

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i probably shouldnt talk in depth about the film to spoil lora

i cant say "oh well thats why you dont understand things in season 3 because you didnt watch it. if you saw it, it would totally have made sense" but its more information/clues?. especially with david bowie's character

it seems it took people a long time to unpack some of fire walk with me to make enough sense of it. people at the time didn't like it but its maybe been seen as being underrated now. it's still pretty weird at times

the third season is also strange. might be awhile before that one is figured out enough too.

but part of the fun is being confused maybe. trying to figure it out

i think making art has helped me understand Lynch's work more. i appreciate a good narrative. i think things story wise should be thought out. that things should "make sense" and have a reason for being done/included.

but ...When you make art you just make things based on feel sometimes. when you get done you may not know what it means or what its saying sometimes. it can mean a few different things. i intentionally leave it so it can be seen different ways.

One interpretation may be what the person had in mind but others are valid too. because its vague or undefined people can have theories and interpretations and so in that way the audience for the art is helping create its meaning/narrative. So its not just a passive experience . its creating other thoughts. new thoughts and causes debates.